Mobile DJ In Lower Bridgemary

If you need Mobile DJ service in Lower Bridgemary, we can help you. Give us a call for more information.

ILS Entertainment is a mobile DJ {company|business|provider|supplier|service} run by Rob Kennedy in Fareham, Hampshire.

I {offer|provide|supply|deliver} {a professional|an experienced|a competent|a proficient|a high quality} reliable {service|professional service} and {want|desire} your {event|occasion|celebration|party} to be {fantastic|wonderful|superb|awesome|excellent|terrific|sensational|marvelous|brilliant}!

I cater for {a wide variety|a wide range|a variety|a vast range} of {events|occasions|activities|celebrations|functions|gatherings} including birthday parties, weddings and {company|business|enterprise} {parties|celebrations|gatherings|functions|festivities|banquets}.

{Depending|Basing|Building upon} on your requirements I can {also|likewise|in addition|furthermore} provide {additional|extra|supplementary|supplemental|special} services such as uplighters to {provide|offer|deliver|generate} colour co-ordinated {decoration|embellishment|trimming|finery} to any venue and {high quality|top quality|premium quality|superior quality|first class quality} wireless microphones for speech’s.

{A high quality|A top quality|A premium quality|A superior quality|A first class quality|A top notch} modern sound and light {system|unit|solution} can scale to your {requirements|demands|needs|necessities|wishes}.

I’ve {many year|several years}’s experience with disco’s and live {sound|audio|music}. My philoposphy is that at any {event|occasion|celebration|party|gathering} the {DJ|Disk Jockey} should not {try to|attempt to} dominate the proceedings but {provide|supply|deliver|generate} the best possible {atmosphere|environment|ambience|feel} for everybody to enjoy themselves. Announcements are kept to {an appropriate|a suitable|a proper|an ideal|a well-suited} level for the {event|occasion|celebration|party}– there’s nothing worse than a DJ who waffles on about nothing for the {entire|whole|whole entire|complete} evening! When it {comes to|concerns|relates to} the music selection I’ll {work with|collaborate with|partner with} you prior to the evening to ensure your {party|celebration|function} is a success. I’ve {a wide variety|a wide range|a vast range} of music to suit {all ages|any ages|every ages} and tastes, you can {either|perhaps|also} provide a comprehensive list of {songs|tunes|tracks|music|records} you would like of just {a few|a handful of|a few short|a handful} favourites.

We have the necessary liability insurance and electrical testing certificates.